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Other Independent Financial Advisory Services

We provide a fair and professional advice to clients on issues relating to Takeovers, Whitewash Waivers, Privatisation or Delisting that are listed on a Stock Exchange. Our experienced team with extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations of the various authorities helps clients to manage their processes and in obtaining appropriate approvals for their corporate actions.

Often we are appointed by clients to assess “interested party transactions” and to give a fair opinion on the merit of the transactions. Our opinion assist investor to evaluate and approve the company’s transactions.

Our recent clients are:–

Independent Financial Adviser – Takeover Offers, Whitewash Waivers, Privatisation, Delisting:

Lereno Bio-Chem Limited

RTO Whitewash

LTC Corporation Limited

Proposed Voluntary Delisting

Smartflex Holdings Limited

Acquisition of Asia Vets group of companies

China Bearing (Singapore) Ltd.

RTO Whitewash

Sino Grandness Food Industry Group Limited

Independent Financial Adviser to Audit Committee and Non-interested Directors on the Conversion Option.

Advance Systems Automation Limited

Independent Financial Adviser to the Independent Directors in relation to the Whitewash Resolution

Terratech Group Limited

Proposed whitewash resolutions for the waiver by independent shareholders of their right to receive a mandatory general offer from the obliged parties.

Mary Chia Holdings Limited

Mandatory Unconditional General Offer

3Cnergy Limited

Proposed whitewash resolution for the waiver by the Independent shareholders of their rights to receive a mandatory general offer, as a result of the rights cum warrants issue.

Brookes Asia Limited

RTO Whitewash

E2-Capital holdings Limited

RTO Whitewash

IPC Corporation Ltd

Mandatory Conditional Cash Offer

EMS Energy Ltd

Very Substantial Acquisition

ZingMobile Group Limited

Reverse Takeover

China Dairy Group

Voluntary Delisting

Li Heng Fibre Technologies Limited

Voluntary Unconditional General Offer

Lantrovision (S) Ltd

Scheme of Arrangement

Pteris Global

Voluntary Unconditional Offer

Halcyon Agri Corporation

Limited Voluntary General Offer

Independent Financial Adviser – Interested Person Transactions:

Rich Capital Holdings Limited

Independent Finacial Adviser to Rich Capital Holdings Limited

SLB Development Ltd

Independent Financial Adviser to SLB Development Ltd

LY Corporation Limited

Independent Financial Advisory to LY Corporation Limited

Union Gas Holdings Limited

Independent Financial Adviser to Union Gas Holdings Limited in relation to (a) the Dealership Agreement and (b) Proposed Adoption of General Mandate

Colex Holdingts Limited

General Mandate for Interested Person Transaction

Hengyang Pettrochemical Logistics Limited

Proposed Acquisition from Interested Person & IPT Mandate

Latitude Tree International Group

Proposed Disposal to Interested Person

Elite KSD Holdings Limited

Proposed Disposal to Interested Person

REX International Holding Limited

Intellectual Property Agreements with Interested Person

3Cnergy Limited

Interested Person Transactions arising from acquisition and IPT Mandate

Pteris Global Ltd

General Mandaate for Interested Person Transaction

Raffles United Holdings Limited

Proposed Acquisition from Interested Person

8 Telecom International Holdings Co. Ltd.

Proposed Disposal to Interested Person

GS Holdings Limited

General Mandate for Recurrent Interested Person Transaction